Galit gondhal dilit mujara download Marathi movie

Galit gondhal dilit mujara download Marathi movie

Artist :  Sayaji shinde, Makarand Anaspure, Suzanne Bernert, Nagesh Bhonsle

Music  :   Shailendra Barve

Director    Nagesh Bhonsle

Year : 2009

 Story Detail:
Gallit Gondhal Dillit Mujra Story of a movie revolves around 3 characters, Aamdar Chandrakant Tope (Sayaji Shinde), Sarpanch Bajirao Dole (Nagesh Bhosle) and Narayan Wagh (Makrand Anaspure). Tope and Dole are the strong enemies to each other and both compete for election tickets from a party. Narayan is a patch up guy between them, who is friendly with both of them and shows both of them that he is with them only. But Narayan is a smart guy who is also competing for the same ticket with these two. So, who finally wins and what funny strategies were made to win over other on every step is a treat to watch in a movie.The movie is full of funny sequences which makes viewer�s experience even li

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